Cravath Homes was founded by Jon Cravath, a lifelong resident of the Rochester area.

Jon grew up on the family farm near Chatfield. After four years in the United States Air Force, he returned to Minnesota where he owned an excavation business for two years.

He then went to the U of M, Carlson School of Management where he graduated with a degree in Business Management. During college he worked for a major motel chain managing hotel operations which provided a unique perspective of the housing industry.

Upon completion of college, he owned a real estate company that specialized in property rental and sales. A large percentage of the sales were new construction where he developed an interest in this aspect of real estate.

After selling the company he went to work for a local builder for three years and then started his own residential building business. This business was sold to a partner in 2004 at which time he opened Cravath Homes, LLC. Jon has been active in the construction and real estate communities for over 20 years.

Josh, a Minnesota native, was born in St. Cloud and has lived in MN for the better part of his life.

He lived in Colorado for a short time and returned to his home state to be closer to family and start a family of his own, with his wife, Amanda. With 20+ years of experience in the trades, Josh has always been the brains behind Cravath Homes. He is always finding a way to deliver the quality that they demand from their homes with his expansive knowledge of all things' construction. His problem-solving skills are next to none, and he has helped guide Cravath Homes to the exceptional reputation they have established over the years.

Steve, originally from Houston, TX, found his way up north via Colorado, where he met Josh.

His last trek north landed he and his wife, Holly, here in the Rochester area, to start a construction company with Josh. With 20+ years in the trades, Steve has found his niche in the design and customer relations side of the business. His eye for detail and very picky ways, has kept Cravath Homes's reputation for superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship top priority.

Josh and Steve found Jon by pure luck while they were framing houses, 18 years ago. Building a deck on one of his houses, Jon saw something in them that sparked a relationship that would blossom into a lifelong collaboration of great minds, and friendship.

Jon pushed Josh and Steve to try new trades, new techniques, and get into all facets of the building industry. He took them under his wing and showed them the way to an incredible career in the home building world. Jon's amazing amount of knowledge, experience, and community ties started the industry leading company, that has flourished with the additions of Josh and Steve. It is truly a team like no other, that has become more of a family business than a job.

Together, with a team of some of the best tradesmen around, they work tirelessly to build some of the most impressive homes in Rochester, and the surrounding areas.

With 60+ years of combined experience, their attention to detail and immense amount of pride in every home they build, shows in the results. These guys are onsite every step of the way to ensure the builds are not just houses, but top-quality homes. Treating every build not as a job, but as their own, has given them the exceptional reputation they've built together.

Three separate paths crossing into a "family" business that has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. From our "family" to yours, Cravath Homes looks forward to building your dreams, and long-lasting relationships!